Scientific diagnostics & training for personality as a success factor

Scientifically sound and tried and tested training and advanced training for ViQ® since 2011

Research and training in interaction

With our own education and training offer ViQ® Academy we offer worldwide since 2011 science-based and field-proven aptitude testing and training for our licensing partners, personnel consultants and coaches.

Only we are qualified and entitled to train in the use of ViQ® and to grant licenses worldwide.

  • People are like closed doors

  • We give you the right key with our online-supported VIQ ® test procedure

  • We provide the decisive dimension for the real decision-making behavior of people

We at the ViQ ® Academy not only use these and other aspects of personality, but we also record the fundamentally important psychometric profile of every person and their emotional state: the key to what drives the individual person.
With the knowledge of these individual intrinsic motives, you can understand much better - and communicate more purposefully, more personally and thus more effectively than ever before.

Image by Susan Q Yin
Individual seminars and trainings
  • Licensing seminars (webinar, in-house or as an open offer) for the ViQ® - Profiler in the marketing or HR area

  • Advanced seminars

  • Specialization seminars

  • Training, access & technical support to our ViQ ® online test system and its profiler dashboard

  • Individual training & coaching

  • In-house seminars

  • Cooperations with personnel consultants, coaches as well as professional and career consultants

  • Scientific collaborations and research projects