The NeuroIPS® procedure and our world leader
ViQ® Visual Questionnaire Test are the scientifically valid and tried-and-tested principles for uncovering human behavior, preferences and decisions and making them usable for marketing, communication, innovation, personnel management and coaching.

Unconscious personality systems in the brain

NeuroIPS® stands for neurological implicit, i.e. unconscious personality systems

Personality consists of the interaction of several systems in the brain

In most people, some of these systems are more pronounced than others through genes and life experience.
These stronger characteristics are the dimensions that make up a person's personality.
They determine preferences in perception, decision-making and action.

The unconscious or subconscious personality of a person determines his perception, decision-making and action up to 95 percent.

It is responsible for individual differences in what motivates us, what drives us, what we want, what we prefer, what we find pleasant or unpleasant.
Overall, they make us unique.

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The one from our co-founder and partner
Prof. Dr. David Scheffer developed - and continuously updated - the world's leading visual and playful ViQ® Visual Questionnaire-Test and the NeuroIPS® procedure are the essential bases of our advice and services.

With the help of this scientific basis, we uncover human behavior, preferences and decisions. We then make these qualitative insights usable for marketing, communication, recruiting, personnel management and coaching.

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